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Share a Blog Wednesday

I’ve decided to add another weekly page to this site. I find so many great reads online that I love to share what’s out there. I have no clue what I might discover each week. It may be an article about recovery. Or possibly one about relationships, family, or parenting. However, it could be as random as learning how OK Go made their Zero Gravity Video (seriously, that looked like they had a great time). Feel free to add articles that you’ve liked in the comment section below. Enjoy!


December 13 2017

Ok, another video instead of a blog. I figure, if you’re going to read something for 10-15 minutes, why not watch a video instead? I had a fellow coworker suggest this video about the difference between men and woman’s brains.


Mark Gungor is an international marriage and family speaker. He uses laughter to help teach principles that will strengthen marriages. However, after watching this video, I’ve come to the conclusion that personality wise, my former spouse and I are flipped. I think I have more of the typical “female” brain whereas she follows more of the masculine traits shown in this video. It’s no wonder men and women have a tough time communicating.


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Motivational Monday

A thought I had today (August 14, 2017) is to add another page to my site. Grateful Sunday is a day to reflect on what we’re personally grateful for at the end of the week. Why not start the week off with a little bit of inspiration? Motivation, encouragement, incentives, and goals are a great way to get the week moving forward in a positive direction.


Please, feel free to comment below your own insights and suggestions to make the upcoming week one of encouragement all my Fledglings.


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Grateful Sunday

Another proven technique to bring joy into our lives is to focus on what we’re grateful for. Each Sunday I will add an appreciative observation I had this past week. I ask all my Fledglings to join me and express thanks for what they too found beautiful. Together, let’s learn how to make gratitude a daily positive routine.


December 10, 2017

I’m grateful for great movies such as Wonder and Coco. Watching Wonder transported me back in time to the struggles I had growing up and trying to fit in. It allowed me to have empathy for what my daughters are going through as pre-teens and teenagers. I have placed this on my book list as a must read. Coco helped me better understand the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead, and the importance of remembering our ancestors. It’s enjoyable to not only have an afternoon with yourself, but to reflect afterwards on engaging movies.

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