I’m grateful for my Valentine’s Day breakfast and dinner. As mentioned last week, I had planned to make Monte Crisco Eggs Benedict, which was absolutely amazing! Plus, I had leftovers the next morning for breakfast. And the Mac and Cheese Pizza was the bomb. I ate leftovers for two days! I’m grateful my girlfriend and I wrapped Valentine’s Day presents together and decorated the kitchen table while the kids slept, so it looked inviting for them when they woke up. I may have gotten too much chocolate, although, I’m grateful for the sweet snacks throughout the rest of the time I spent at her house. Wait! One really can never get too much chocolate! I’m grateful for a laid back day as we prepared for the winter storm that was coming.

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Good day my fellow Fledglings. Today is Ash Wednesday. I’d like to share something new I learned this week. You see Mardi Gras is not a celebration of getting drunk and lifting shirts to receive beads, something the media sensationalizes and what I had come to believe Mardi Gras was. Mardi Gras is the celebration that starts on the day of Epiphany (a Christian feast day that celebrates the revelation of God incarnate as Jesus Christ) which ends over a month later with a celebration of eating rich fatty foods the night before Ash Wednesday (Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday).


Basically, Mardi Gras is the celebration right before Lent, symbolizing when Jesus fasted for forty days in the desert. Nothing to do with boobs and beads.


Who would have thunk, huh?


So today’s share day is to learn a little bit about this family tradition. Yes, I did say family.

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