I’m grateful for getting so much accomplished this week while also having balance in my life. I’ve done some mini courses, set out a plan to accomplish my 2019 goals outlined per month, and I even started meditating again.


Meditation is huge for me. While I’ve tracked my food and made exercise a habit, (278 days now – almost one year of mindful eating – YAY!), I would like to start doing the same thing with meditation. I’ve noticed that it’s been very hard to get my mind to settle down. Yesterday was day five for me and I found it somewhat easier. Just like going to the gym; I can’t expect to jump back in and pick up the heavy weights if I haven’t worked out for a while.

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Today I’d like to introduce a good friend, Self-Care Vigilante, Ilana Kristeva. I met Ilana at a retreat a couple of years ago and was so inspired by her daily text gratitudes that I started a weekly gratitude list of my own. Comparing my Grateful Sunday blogs from 2017 to this year in 2019, I can see how my gratitude list has grown leaps and bounds from just a short paragraph to plenty of things to be thankful for during the week. While it’s important not to suppress the struggles we are going through in life, it’s equally important to not let those conflicts define us either.


When I became acquainted with Ilana, I had only been blogging for a couple of months. She encouraged me to continue my writing and even offered that we FaceTime together to help me get into a daily routine of composition. Two years later, this is still something we haven’t done. However, her excitement and belief in my blog inspired me not to give it up.


Recently, Ilana sent out an email to her “Tribe” of an interview she did with Jesse Walker, who wrote the book Fit Beyond 40. Not only was it exciting to see my friend sharing her message, there’s a lot of good tidbits of information in this video.


Interview with Self-Care Vigilante – Ilana Kristeva

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I’m grateful for the completion of another successful week.


I’m grateful my wife suggested that the four of us go out for Sexy Cheesy Fries after our family therapy appointment. Good food in an outdoor location allowed us to talk through issues that popped up during counseling. It was a nice way to ground us after having some tough discussions.


I’m grateful my roommates and I have decided to have “family dinner” nights. We agreed that instead of having to cook and clean for two meals each night, we would split the duties. One night I would cook and they would clean up, then the next night they would cook and my girls and I would clean up. Add their 5-month old son to the mix and these have turned into some really nice evenings together.

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