I’m grateful for the counseling my daughter and family is receiving. My older daughter’s not too excited about going through family therapy, individual therapy, and group therapy. I understand that. I’m hopeful that this can help her see that she’s not alone, that there are people she can turn to that want to help, and also give her the tools at an early age that I didn’t receive until I was in my forties. Planting seeds that I hope will grow inside and help her find a more joyful life than I have had these past few years.


I’m grateful that I had the days off to watch my older daughter’s dance recital. I enjoy seeing her on stage. She can go from being frustrated just before an event, mad at Dad, and then, afterword, she’s so excited and on cloud nine because dance has taken her away to her comfort zone. I love to see her hard work come to fruition and her confidence and the gratitude she has when she is successful. Her eyes light up and her aura glows brightly.

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I’m grateful for my first flight after training and starting it out in Vegas. I wanted to take a run on the morning of my trip and didn’t realize the strip was as long as it was. I tracked my distance and I’m grateful I completed 9.5 miles.


I’m grateful that everything I learned in the simulator and in ground school is all coming together. I had an incredible captain who mentored me throughout the first four days. I’m grateful for new destinations, to travel all the way across the US for the first time, and to build my confidence with a new airplane and new company. I’m grateful for all the incredible, and I mean incredible, employees I come in contact with. This is such a culture shock and a positive change to work for an airline where everyone is so incredibly happy to be there.


I’m grateful my wife and girls were able to spend time with my wife’s parents out of town. It was a needed break for the three of them and I’m sure my girls enjoyed spending time with their grandparents. This also gave me time to get things done around the house as I transitioned back to being home after being gone for so long.

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