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Share a Blog Wednesday

I’ve decided to add another weekly page to this site. I find so many great reads online that I love to share what’s out there. I have no clue what I might discover each week. It may be an article about recovery. Or possibly one about relationships, family, or parenting. However, it could be as random as learning how OK Go made their Zero Gravity Video (seriously, that looked like they had a great time). Feel free to add articles that you’ve liked in the comment section below. Enjoy!


December 13 2017

Ok, another video instead of a blog. I figure, if you’re going to read something for 10-15 minutes, why not watch a video instead? I had a fellow coworker suggest this video about the difference between men and woman’s brains.


Mark Gungor is an international marriage and family speaker. He uses laughter to help teach principles that will strengthen marriages. However, after watching this video, I’ve come to the conclusion that personality wise, my former spouse and I are flipped. I think I have more of the typical “female” brain whereas she follows more of the masculine traits shown in this video. It’s no wonder men and women have a tough time communicating.


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What to Do When I Struggle with Being Reactive

Following up on yesterday’s blog, Be a Turtle, Take Baby Steps, I listed some of the ideas others had posted in reference to the question: “What do I do when I struggle with being reactive.”


  • Practice makes better, not perfect.


  • We all get triggered by certain people/situations at times. I find that the serenity prayer always helps.


  • Each time something occurs and the inside of me starts boiling/pressure in my chest, heart beating fast, right at that moment I have choices: walk away or cool down.

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Be a Turtle, Take Baby Steps

I saw this question posted on a social media page:

Does anybody believe that it is actually possible to change certain aspects of one’s character (through meditation and therapy) especially after a certain age?


I have found that although I have achieved sobriety, I still often revert to old negative thought patterns or counterproductive personality traits. Despite therapy and meditation, they seem to be hard to shake off for good.


It can be doubly frustrating, when it’s something I thought I had worked through, yet, the old me still reacts to things in the same way. At times, it almost feels as though some things are set in stone, like it’s just your default character.


Despite my best efforts, I still find myself clashing with certain people, or being overly critical and complaining about things, for example.


Changing habits is one thing, but I’d love to hear some inspirational stories about actual deep level character transformation.




Here’s my Response:

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