Welcome to day four of what people are posting online to keep them entertained while sheltering in place.



I think it’s time for you to get up and dance with these songs. Come on. You’re alone. No judgement. I mean, I’m sure you sing loudly in the shower or car. You also don’t have to tell anyone else. I won’t admit that I’ve been doing it too.

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Ok, here’s the thing.


I’ve posted two Wednesday Share Day posts and each has had something about the coronavirus. When I was getting ready to post my newest share day I realized that practically EVERYONE is coming up with their own parody songs.



So, I’ve decided to keep this fun and interesting. A one stop shop for music. A one stop shop to see what other people do when they are stuck at home and isolated. A one stop shop for inspiration.


Really, this is a one stop so we can still look on the bright side of life, have a little bit of fun during uncertain times, and if, even for a few minutes, it takes us away from the stress and uncertainty of the future, I’ve done my job.




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I can’t believe it’s already been a week since my last share day. I had said I was going to blog and yet I’m finding it so hard to sit down and write.


Yesterday, I joined Anna David’s Daily Writing Sessions. There were 24 of us and after a while, I felt the juices starting to flow again.  Plan to write with them again this morning. It’s nice to feel like you’re doing something, being productive, and yet you aren’t doing it alone. It closes the gap when we feel isolated.


Come and join us. Currently it’s every morning at 10am Pacific time. I mean what else is there to do?


Oh, you could binge Corona Parody’s on YouTube.


Here’s more videos to help distract and put a smile on your face.


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