One of my passions, that grounds me and brings me joy, is music. And not just music, but watching people connect with music. It’s one of the reasons why I love to DJ.


I find people interesting. In elementary school, kids are more spontaneous. They don’t worry about how they look, they don’t worry about how well they can dance (in fact they all think they are amazing dancers), and they are more into hearing their voice, than worrying if they are singing in tune. Throw music on and the energy and innocence of youth kicks in. They are the first out on the dance floor and they will be the last off when the music quits.


As kids enter their pre-teen years, starting Middle School and then into High School, they become more self-conscious. They become more concerned about how they look and sound. Unless they have a close group of friends, they’ll tend to be more inhibited when it comes to singing and dancing to a DJ or band. And they definitely don’t want to be around their parents when they are “cutting the rug”.

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I’m grateful for a really wonderful vacation with my oldest daughter in San Diego. I’m also grateful that my wife was able to chaperone my younger daughter’s eighth grade historical field trip to Washington DC and Philadelphia. That will be a memory both mom and daughter will have for a lifetime. I’m also grateful that my wife had the opportunity to take a vacation, get away from her full time job, and spend the week with other parents.


Image result for hotel del coronado I’m grateful that my older daughter likes to do much of the same things I do. We enjoyed relaxing on the beach, cruising around getting lost while seeing the sights, and walking around the small shops in the different areas around San Diego. The Hotel Del Coronado was impressive, situated on a beautiful, breath-taking beach. My daughter pointed out that it looked more spectacular the farther we walked away and seeing the hotel from a distance.

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I’m so grateful for my new/”used” car this week. Since my older car broke down in November, I knew I needed a commuting car to get to and from the airport. I’d been taking occasional breaks during studying to look at different vehicles these past couple of months.  Searching online is nothing like going down to a dealer and test driving a vehicle. This was the first time that I did this on my own, qualified for a personal car loan, chose my vehicle, and actually purchased it. I’m also grateful I was able to find a manual speed. I love the feeling of control they give, and it seems as if they’re rare to come by these days. All my previous vehicles have been hand me downs except the minivan my wife and I had purchased over ten years ago. And even that vehicle she had found. Such pride to have a car that I picked out and purchased own my own. In some ways, it made me feel all grown up.


I’m grateful for a most wonderful Valentine’s day dinner with my girls; Calamari appetizer, Mac & Cheese and Bacon pizza, and Campfire Stout (a s’more type of beer). We had a great night together and I’m so glad they were my valentine dates.

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