This was a very enjoyable week!


I’m grateful for a nice evening with my daughters. I watched the first episode of the third season of Riverdale with my youngest (she’s been so excited the new season is finally here). I also watched the first two episodes of the third season of This is Us with my older daughter. I’m grateful for the walk with my youngest daughter while we streamed the second episode of Riverdale during the walk.


I’m grateful for a nice afternoon with my wife going to the movies to see A Star is Born. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper both did an amazing job in that movie. Bradley truly shows how addiction is a debilitating disease that masks emotional pain and struggles someone has in life; a stellar performance!


I’m grateful for the decision to stay home longer than normal to enjoy coffee and a morning of errands with my wife. This decision allowed me the ability to help out the company on a training flight with a flight crew I have fun flying with. I’m grateful for a nice breakfast with the flight attendant, followed by meeting up with the other pilot and going on a three hour hike.


I’m grateful this trip allowed me to come home a day earlier. I felt useful and needed as I shuttled one daughter to the movies with her friend, my other daughter to her friend’s house, and made my infamous BBQ hamburgers for a nice family dinner.


Yup, this was an incredible week!!

I’m grateful for a kick ass 4th of July. The girls and I watched fireworks not only on the 4th, but on the 3rd as well. I enjoyed one on one time with my former spouse on the 3rd while the girls hung out with their friends. On the 4th, I had the pleasure of dancing to a local cover band followed by an amazing show of sparkling colors that matched an incredible musical soundtrack of patriotic and upbeat songs.


I’m also grateful for program and my tools of recovery. Once I left home and headed back to my crash pad, I had internal issues I needed to work on. I’m aware that I need to blog my thoughts, but I’m grateful that the physical pain that used to accompany these stories has diminished. I’m not sure if insecurities and the emotions that come with those will ever be completely dispelled (it would be so nice if they did), however, it’s a beautiful thing not to have those feelings become so overwhelming.


I’m grateful for my Higher Power who has given me the strength, perseverance, and the ability to manage my emotions. Little Phoenix was struggling and I was able to parent him while also knowing that He was supporting me in my time of internal conflict.

So, here I am planning on DJing this weekend at my annual retreat. The request was to have music that spans the generations and hopefully a pre-programmed set list.


I love all types of music and have no problem coming up with a two hour set (I actually need 8-10 hours minimum to play all my top hits).


The problem with having a play list already made, is that I’m not able to read the crowd. What’s the age group of who I’m playing to? What gender is most on the dance floor? Does everyone want up beat music or are they deep in conversation looking for good background music they can tap their feet to while chatting?


Basically, the energy of the crowd ebbs and flows. Much like relationships. Much like life. We can’t pre-program how we expect the world around us to work. We much stay present, listen, and observe.


Every time I plan to play, I search for songs I may not have. What are the newest hits from the different musical genres? Do I have any songs that match the theme of the event I am playing?

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