So, here I am planning on DJing this weekend at my annual retreat. The request was to have music that spans the generations and hopefully a pre-programmed set list.


I love all types of music and have no problem coming up with a two hour set (I actually need 8-10 hours minimum to play all my top hits).


The problem with having a play list already made, is that I’m not able to read the crowd. What’s the age group of who I’m playing to? What gender is most on the dance floor? Does everyone want up beat music or are they deep in conversation looking for good background music they can tap their feet to while chatting?


Basically, the energy of the crowd ebbs and flows. Much like relationships. Much like life. We can’t pre-program how we expect the world around us to work. We much stay present, listen, and observe.


Every time I plan to play, I search for songs I may not have. What are the newest hits from the different musical genres? Do I have any songs that match the theme of the event I am playing?

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Seven and a half years ago I checked myself into treatment. I struggled with my addiction and knew the only way I could help myself and my family was to become fully immersed in a recovery program. I thought I was going to be there for five weeks. It turned into thirteen.


The post I’m sharing today, titled Why Scientists Agree That Dancing is the Best Way to Get Fit and Live Longer, reminded me of my eighth week there.

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Today is a day for a bit of fun. I highly recommend the movie/musical the The Greatest Showman. Here’s the cast from that movie performing with James Corden. Enjoy!


Crosswalk the Musical on Broadway

– James Corden and cast members from The Greatest Showman



Ok…I just had to add this incredible song from the movie!


This Is Me

– The Greatest Showman