I have no idea where to start. So much to be grateful for this week. Not only is the sun shining, I’ve enjoyed multiple breathtaking sunrises and sunsets (thank you Mom). There’s peace in my heart and soul.


I’m thankful a close friend mentioned Andy Frisella’s #75Hard Challenge. Knowing that both of us are huge competitors, not in the way that’s unhealthy and demeaning, but in a way that’s supportive and encouraging, and without really knowing what I was agreeing to, I told him I’d join him. The best way to stay accountable is to have others to be accountable with and I also know agreeing to it would help him. I’m grateful I’ve been able to talk one friend into joining us and hopeful a couple of others I’ve thrown the challenge out will jump at the opportunity. I’m grateful this also gives me a way to stay connected with all of them.


I’m grateful I said “I’m in” before I knew all the intricate details of the challenge (I might not have agreed to it otherwise). When I first heard about the challenge, what I pulled from it was two 45 minute work out’s each day, a gallon of water, and healthy eating. I worried I wouldn’t be able to follow the whole gallon of water, however, I believed that the two 45 minute work out’s each day would give me a needed kick in the rump to get back in shape (I haven’t worked out since the gyms closed six weeks ago). I sent an email to my friend explaining ways to “manipulate” the challenge to “make it work” for us.


Then I went on an hour and a half bike ride while listening to Andy Frisella’s podcast.



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Wow! Where has this week gone? I have no clue. In fact, it seems as if the days keep blending together.


I’m grateful I started this week in Hawaii. I know, I know. That sounds insensitive during this time of quarantine and everyone sheltering in place. I’m so sorry. And while it may not seem essential to fly 20 people to Hawaii, they were all FEMA working on the pandemic.


I’m grateful for the sunsets and sunrises outside my hotel balcony. I’m grateful for the sound of nature, not the thousands of tourists that normally crowd Waikiki beach. I’m grateful for the tropical warmth, a swim in the ocean, the laid back energy, and the ability to recharge my batteries. I’m grateful for the short island hops and the beauty and peace I feel flying between them.

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I’m so grateful for the hour writing session I did with 20+ people in Anna David’s hosted Zoom meeting four days this past week. Having a set time (especially when my ever changing, erratic schedule worked in my favor) to sit down and write, helped me unclog my sink and process the emotions, beliefs, and feelings that have kept me stuck during this pandemic. It was an awesome feeling, not to only be accountable for my work, but also to be with so many amazing individuals working on their journey of opening up, being vulnerable, and writing about their personal struggles and lives.


I’m grateful to have had some time to reflect, get back into a self-care routine, and to finally feel some of my anxiety and fear start to melt away. It’s really easy for me to sit and get stuck in my head, rather than take the necessary steps to acknowledge what I’m thinking, accept it, and then, let it go. As Rafiki helped me process through the writing I posted yesterday, 6 Feet Apart, I tend to grasp onto the scalding hot pan of negative self-talk, fear, and doubt, rather than instinctively let go of the negative belief, grab my mitt of protective self-care, then cook my gourmet of self-love instead.


Wow! That last one sounded good. Wish I had said that in yesterday’s blog.

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