This was one crazy, wild, and fun week! It was the ending of an era; 18 years of moving from one airline for the next destination at another. Sadness as I leave a piece of my heart behind and move away from many coworkers who are family to me. Yet excitement at the prospects that lie ahead and the new family I’m joining. I pray that my schedule will finally open up so I no longer have to commute and will spend the time in my own bed that I used to spend out on the road. I pray I will have the time with my family I have longed to have.


This week has been a hurricane of emotions; love, happiness, loss, grief, excitement, and fear. A lot to process. I’m grateful that my journey of recovery has allowed me the ability to stay present with it all.

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This was a very enjoyable week!


I’m grateful for a nice evening with my daughters. I watched the first episode of the third season of Riverdale with my youngest (she’s been so excited the new season is finally here). I also watched the first two episodes of the third season of This is Us with my older daughter. I’m grateful for the walk with my youngest daughter while we streamed the second episode of Riverdale during the walk.


I’m grateful for a nice afternoon with my wife going to the movies to see A Star is Born. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper both did an amazing job in that movie. Bradley truly shows how addiction is a debilitating disease that masks emotional pain and struggles someone has in life; a stellar performance!


I’m grateful for the decision to stay home longer than normal to enjoy coffee and a morning of errands with my wife. This decision allowed me the ability to help out the company on a training flight with a flight crew I have fun flying with. I’m grateful for a nice breakfast with the flight attendant, followed by meeting up with the other pilot and going on a three hour hike.


I’m grateful this trip allowed me to come home a day earlier. I felt useful and needed as I shuttled one daughter to the movies with her friend, my other daughter to her friend’s house, and made my infamous BBQ hamburgers for a nice family dinner.


Yup, this was an incredible week!!