I’m grateful for the opportunity to start teaching once again. I know I only have a couple of months before I move on and I also know that training while flying adds a ton to my workload, however, the rewards are amazing. I fly with some incredible people and I love giving them the enjoyable memories and learning experiences as they take that first step towards their future.


I’m grateful for stepping completely outside my comfort zone and facing my fears. I still have much processing that needs to be done as I write about my experience. What I did took much courage and yet is another step in my healing. I will hold off telling you what I did here. You’ll just have to wait and see with my upcoming blog…


I’m grateful for an incredible day spent on the bay, in the city, and watching the Blue Angles with my girls, a couple of their friends, and another father. Great adult conversations with someone on a similar journey of self improvement as myself. Loved watching my youngest daughter and her friend just be kids. Where the idea to try to negotiate getting popcorn from a boy scout or artwork from a street seller by trading a plastic fork came from, I will never know. Yet, what creative skills they are learning trying to do it. I also enjoyed watching my oldest daughter and a good friend of hers reconnect. Since she has changed high schools, she hasn’t had a chance to hang out with him and spending one on one time with people instead of being glued to a phone is an important skill this new generation is lacking.


I’m grateful for yet another wonderful week and I am blessed with the life I have.

I’m still riding on cloud nine, soaring with the eagles, and rising from the ashes like the Phoenix I am as I keep thinking about the next step in the journey of my life. So excited and grateful for my new job in a couple of months. Grateful for all the people who are celebrating with me. And am hoping I can bring many of my current working family with me as I convince them to jump ship and join me on the other side. Is that bad? Nah! I love my peeps!


I’m grateful for the walk I took with my two daughters, which added some depth and insight to my Perspective: The Key to Healing blog I wrote this week. Speaking about blogging, I’m grateful I had the time to sit down and write again. Life has gotten quite busy. I’m also grateful for the 30 minute walk with my youngest daughter right before school. I’ve come to truly enjoy the one on one time with her and I’m hopeful we can continue this new tradition throughout the year.


I’m grateful for the celebratory steak house dinner a good friend and his wife treated me to. Completely unexpected and one of the most AMAZING dining experiences I’ve had. Left over food for two days too. YUM! Followed by four days of trying to burn off all those extra calories through exercise, another learning experience for me. I’m grateful that I actually was able to do it too. Although, next time…I’ll just scratch it up as an off day. Those days are ok too.

I’m grateful for all the support and congratulations I’ve received from my friends and family this past week. So many people have celebrated the news of my upcoming new job with me. This has continued to feed my relief and joy that I’m finally moving on.


I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue in my roll of training for the next two months at my current job. Not only will this help the pocket book, I’ll continue doing a part of my job that is rewarding and that I love.


I’m grateful my girls, wife, and I were able to spend the day celebrating the birthday of a close friend. I taught him how to make the ultimate s’more and got him hooked on my creation. (two graham crackers, two open faced double stuffed Oreos, two pieces of chocolate, and two toasted marshmallows – YUM!) I’m also grateful we could celebrate another friend’s new job offer. We had a very laid back day and a nice evening.