If you’re looking for a fun, cooking website, Savorbang is the place to go. See, most websites with recipes tell you how good the food is and how the kids gobbled it all up with no complaints (a big feat mind you), but they all kind of sound the same. And, if you’re like me, I’ll search for recipe ideas with the ingredients I have on hand. What can I make with left over [insert food item here]? Yes, I need to make a “new” meal every time because my girls refuse to eat “leftovers”.


However, if I want a little more flavor, and I’m not talking just about the flavor on my tastebuds, but the flavor of stimulating the brain, I’ll see what Sarah has to offer. She calls it Luscious Witty Food. Every dish of hers has a story. And every story kind of goes in a direction I would never have thought possible. Her blog is off the wall, sometimes controversial, entertaining and slowly gets the salvia glands activated so by the end of the reading you can’t wait to jump into the kitchen. Feel free to post your favorite recipes in the comments below.


PS: As of May 2024, this website no longer works. :(