I’m grateful for Kaiser and the support group they have for our family. As my older child is struggling with High School as a teenager in this tough society of social media, judgment, and high expectations, we have a group of counselors to guide our family. My daughter may not be ready to open up to us or counselors, however, she’s receiving the very tools I finally learned after I turned 40. I’m grateful that little seeds of knowledge are being planted that will hopefully someday germinate and help her grow into a confident woman in the future.


I’m grateful for yet another fun night of Dungeon and Dragons with my close friends. It was nice to have the wife of a friend join us and get the woman’s perspective thrown into the mix. As we are all starting to get a little more comfortable with acting out our parts, the world we’re creating is a fun way to let go of life once a month.

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Well, ah… This is a Wednesday Share Day on a Thursday!


I kinda missed yesterday (and a few other weeks in the past few months). I received an email with this video. It kind of is an addition to Bids For Connection that I wrote last week. Well, actually, it’s more like a summary of that blog in under 5 minutes.


I’m grateful for an incredible vacation and trip with my two daughters. My youngest daughter was planning a couple of months ago to go to Canada to see all the sights where Riverdale has been filmed. She has a crush on Cole Sprouse and, as she says, has purchased $424 worth of Cole Sprouse merchandise, showing to her friends, her dedication and love to this incredible star.


The interesting thing about this trip was, she never quite asked if we were going. It was implied that we were going.


And, as a father who still struggles with boundaries and saying no, she was right. It was set in stone. We went!


The three of us visited Archie’s house, Veronica’s house, Betty’s house, Cheryl’s mansion, Sweet River, the football field, the Town Hall, the Register, the Sheriff’s station, and of course, Pop’s diner. We spend about 17 hours in less than 5 days in a car, not including watching The Quiet Place at the Twilight Drive-In, another film location.


We had so much fun going from town to town on a mission throughout BC, Canada. Typical ups and downs of any vacation and a road trip with teens, although, memories that will last a lifetime. So much of what I’ve read about parenting is to embrace what your children enjoy. I admit, that has been hard, but when I’ve learned to follow that advice, the rewards are amazing!


I’m grateful for my two wonderful daughters and an adventure of a lifetime!!! Thank you and lots of love!