I saw a Facebook post the other day where Will Smith explained the difference between Fault vs. Taking Responsibility. My plan was to share only just this one video with my Fledglings today. And, as is my tendency, I searched for more. I found that I enjoy listening to Will’s insight and motivational thoughts. And, what I really gravitated toward, is the relationship he has with his wife, Jada.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Instead of sharing a blog specifically about Valentine’s day, I’d like to share one for us parents to remind us what is most important. Chelsea Lee Smith writes a beautiful article titled 10 Powerful Ways to Tell Your Kids You Love Them {Without Words}.


Let our kids know that every day is Valentine’s Day in our hearts.


For my Fledglings that would like to start off the new year with some good parenting advice, here’s a great blog to read. Always Ask For A Small Coffee In A Medium Cup And 21 Other Pieces Of Advice For My Sons will give you some lessons you never thought about. Such as beginning conversations on an airplane with the person next to you when you have started your descent. You may meet a fascinating person, however, if they aren’t quite your cup of tea, you only have to talk to the for 15 minutes.