It’s good to not only have a sense of humor, but to allow our inner children time to play. Connecting with our inner children allows us to be present in the world. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s connect and play today.

I was talking with a coworker today who is struggling with the loneliness of our career and the distance it creates between him and his wife. As he talked, I could sense and feel the deep pain of disconnection that resonates within him.


I’m reminded of my own personal struggle all these years, trying to make the best of what I’m passionate about, and yet, the loneliness of being gone from my family creating a depth of loss so deep that I ended up medicating to avoid that discomfort.


As we talk, I hear the same two beliefs come up that I used to tell myself daily. These were the beliefs that eventually fueled my anger, my actions, and were the catalyst to what caused the break down of my marriage.

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“Happy Father’s Day!” Rafiki beams, handing me a staff with a carved Phoenix handle.


“Wow. Thank you Rafiki,” I grin. “Why a staff?”


“This is a reminder that you are learning to walk alone. You don’t need me to whack you with the stick to teach you life’s lessons. You already have it up here.” Rafiki points at his head.


“Thanks to your love, support, and guidance.” I respond. “I wouldn’t be so knowledgeable if it wasn’t for you.”


Rafiki shakes his head, “You’ve always had awareness. You’ve always known how to parent Little Phoenix. You just needed to figure out how to access it.”


Father’s Day 2017 has been triggering and yet, I am better able to manage my emotions. As hard as I try not to think about it, I keep flashing back on Father’s Day a year ago. All I wanted was my family; the four of us to spend the day together.


Last year, that was a mistake!


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