I’m grateful for a full week off where I’ve had time to recharge my batteries and catch up on things that I had fallen behind on.


I’m grateful I was able to help my wife transition from working graveyard shifts to day shifts (she had one day off in between the two) by taking our girls off her hands for many days. I’m grateful for our hike and dinner together. I’m grateful that I have learned how to accept her insight and listen to what she needs without flipping it and making it about me.


I’m grateful for the meetings I was able to attend, the ability to make it to church two weeks in a row, and the numerous conversations and hanging out with my fellowship peers. I’m grateful for the gym, my podcasts, and my continual recovery work.


I’m grateful for all the family time I got this past week. I loved the movie A.X.L. and playing Just Dance with my oldest daughter and my nephew. It was nice celebrating my cousin’s birthday party. I’m grateful for my 30 minute morning walks with my younger daughter before I dropped her off to school. And I’m grateful for the emotions and tears that bubbled up while sharing one of my older daughter’s favorite shows, Parenthood, with her while I sat cross-stitching my next project and our dog curled up next to me on the couch.


This has been an incredible week! I think I’m ready to retire.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m selfish. It seems that my blogs are made more for me than for my Fledglings. Here, let me explain.


I’m the kind of person who learns something, shouts it out to the world, has a tendency to walk around like I know it all, and then…a few months later, I completely forget what it was I learned. Recovery, self-help, self-love, insight, lessons I’ve learned really take a while to stick. Maybe it’s because I’ve got multiple decades of ingrained behavior I’m trying to change. Maybe it’s because you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Or maybe it’s because I’m a man (sorry guys, truth hurts).


So, it’s taken me a while to remember that when something I struggled with in the past reoccurs or I need a little kick in the ass to understand what’s going on, I have a wealth of information at my fingertips. Right here! Instead of trying to search my emails for some great idea I heard about or try to Google it, I can go right to my handy dandy website and find it. I can look under my Chronological List of Blog Entries or under my Chronological List of Wednesday Share Day Blogs. I can even use the search button located in the upper right hand corner of this website page.


See, I told you I was selfish. Spoken like a true addict! (yes, you can do the same thing too…)


Today, I’d like to share with you an article that was posted on the I Love Recovery Cafe website. This recovery piece is titled What to Say When you Don’t Know What to Say, by Andrea Wachter, LMFT. If  you’ve ever been caught off guard by something someone says to you, and you’re like me who struggles with becoming reactive, make a copy of this article and store it on your smartphone or in your wallet (or find it here under the List of Share Day Bogs). I believe this will not only save you grief from accidentally putting your foot in your mouth (something I have a tendency to do regularly) but allow open communication and understanding between you and another individual.


If you can think of anything else to add to Andrea’s List, please add it in the comments down below.

Oh my! What a wonderful grateful week this has been!

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