I’m grateful for the professional mental health conference I attended at the beginning of the week. I’m so glad I decided to go, even though I wasn’t supported by either my company or my union. Two years ago I attended a conference, which led me to ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics); where I learned that it was normal for my emotional pain to be felt in my physical body. For the first time, I realized I was not crazy. This was what led me to step outside of myself, my blog, and helped me heal.


The conference I just attended will allow me to reach out to others who are suffering in my career; to give them courage, strength, and hope as they battle the demons that plague them. I can be their beacon of light when all they see is darkness. I’ve been down that road and I know the importance of having someone to cling onto, to keep from drowning in the abyss. I too, want to give back what was given to me so selflessly.


I’m grateful for morning coffee and breakfast with my wife, having my daughter finish the chores she had agreed to do, followed by an hour conversation with her on an elliptical at the gym and then teaching her how to lift weights. I’m grateful my daughter showed me the ab routine she does in dance class (that pretty much kicked my ass). And I’m grateful we didn’t get caught as I pressed her weight on the leg press machine (she was much lighter than I expected and I almost threw her off).


I’m grateful both my girls and I helped out with Challenge Air, a Fly Day event that was “created to change the perception of children with special needs through the gift flight. By eliminating the belief that they are limited, the children can grow to their full potential. They are given the opportunity to find courage within themselves and build in areas where they lack self-esteem. Challenge Air provides an unforgettable growing experience that opens the door to possibilities while allowing the children to see if they can fly a plane they can do anything.”


I’m grateful the rain held out for the event, that we were able to make it on our flights to and from the event with no issues, and that the three of us had the opportunity to fly a small twin-engine plane. I believe it’s time to start teaching my oldest how to fly.


I’m extremely grateful my blog has led to continual healing, new adventures, and the opportunity to change and help the lives of others. I’m looking forward to next year where I hope I can have the time to continue to expand my vision to help others Rise up from the Ashes and to F.L.Y. with the Eagles!


The sky is the limit!

This was a very enjoyable week!


I’m grateful for a nice evening with my daughters. I watched the first episode of the third season of Riverdale with my youngest (she’s been so excited the new season is finally here). I also watched the first two episodes of the third season of This is Us with my older daughter. I’m grateful for the walk with my youngest daughter while we streamed the second episode of Riverdale during the walk.


I’m grateful for a nice afternoon with my wife going to the movies to see A Star is Born. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper both did an amazing job in that movie. Bradley truly shows how addiction is a debilitating disease that masks emotional pain and struggles someone has in life; a stellar performance!


I’m grateful for the decision to stay home longer than normal to enjoy coffee and a morning of errands with my wife. This decision allowed me the ability to help out the company on a training flight with a flight crew I have fun flying with. I’m grateful for a nice breakfast with the flight attendant, followed by meeting up with the other pilot and going on a three hour hike.


I’m grateful this trip allowed me to come home a day earlier. I felt useful and needed as I shuttled one daughter to the movies with her friend, my other daughter to her friend’s house, and made my infamous BBQ hamburgers for a nice family dinner.


Yup, this was an incredible week!!