Happy Wednesday my fellow Fledglings.


Do any of you know the best place to find cloth masks? It seems that in two days the county I live in will require anyone that is out of their homes to wear face masks. When I checked on Amazon, those skull cloth ones aren’t available for delivery until June. Maybe they’ll be deemed “essential” in the near future.


I was listening to some podcasts on The Mission Daily last week about Fantasy Bonds. Chad Grills talks about the book, The Fantasy Bond: Structure of Psychological Defenses. He put this book down two years ago, then picked it back recently. After listening to this podcast, I’m adding this to my other long list of books I’d like to eventually read.

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Why hello my Fledglings. I do hope this Wednesday finds you well.


For those of you who may have just stumbled on  my blog, this isn’t really Day 8 of staying at home. Nor is it Day 8 in a row of me posting something about the Coronavirus. It’s just the 8th day that I’ve tried to get something out there for everyone.



I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day. He’s a huge part of the medical community and working practically seven days a week on the front line of this pandemic. I mentioned something about all the parodies that people were making and if he’d a chance to take a break and distract himself from all that was going on. His response surprised me (he’s usually open to a lot of fun things).


“You know Phoenix, if that’s what some people need right now to heal and help themselves, that’s great. For me, I can’t watch this stuff. Maybe when the dust settles. I’m just too much in the middle of it right now and it’s too hard for me.”


Made me think a little bit.


We all process things differently. We’re all in different stages of managing what’s going on. Some are battling the depression that comes from isolating in one place for days at a time. Some are battling on the front line, risking their lives and the lives of their families to save others. Some are actually fighting for their lives. And others, sadly, have lost that battle.


If my posting these parodies has offended anyone, I deeply apologize. That has never been my intent. For me, looking at life from a lighter side, helps. And, as you may have read in my last blog, 6 Feet Apart, many times I avoid so I don’t have to look at the hard stuff.


Today, I will add a few links of things I’ve read to contemplate, think about, and some that will hopefully give hope. (Did I just use a double word in the same sentence? Like I’m glad that I’m happy? Or I’m gloomily sad today?)

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