Grateful Sunday 2020

A challenge I’ve always had was to be “perfect”. To be perfect meant I was not allowed to fail. I was not allowed to make mistakes. No matter what, at least give the illusion that everything in my life was flawless.


I started 2019 with that mindset. Training for a new airline and a new airplane, coupled with losing my step-mother and Godfather, on top of grieving the loss of my marriage and the inevitable divorce that was going to come before year end, I did not do any Grateful Sunday entries for three months. I mean, I wrote one sentence of what I was grateful for each week, but I didn’t have the time, nor did I have the energy or drive to write them out on my blog.


In  March I went on a multi-hour trek of back dating everything I had been grateful for and giving the “illusion” online that I had kept up on my blog the entire time.


Two months later, right after we talked with a realtor to sell our home, I stopped blogging completely.


This year is different. My first Grateful Sunday entry is February 2nd. I will not back date January. I will also not force myself to have to publish every Sunday. It would be nice if I could, however, I am but one person and I have a lot of other things going on in my life. I will do the best I can and that will suffice.


I’m grateful to start this year off with less expectations, the knowledge that I will do what I can, and the peace of mind allowing what is to just be. For that is the path I am now on.


Here’s what I’m grateful for in 2020. Please join me every week and add what you’re grateful for in the comments for each week.


February 2, 2020


February 9, 2020


February 23, 2020


March 29, 2020


April 5, 2020


April 12, 2020


April 19, 2020


April 26, 2020