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Grateful Sunday


Through my recovery, I’ve learned the power of gratitude. So many podcasts, therapists, gurus, and self-help books boost the power of writing down gratitude in our lives as a way to find happiness. Rewind my negative thinking brain 10 years plus and I can hear the lecture my ex would give me when I was habitually complaining, “I want to hear three things you’re grateful for after every complaint I hear you speak.” I was unable to find the positive in my life, habitually learned as a child how to focus on the negative and stay a victim to the world around me.


Here are 31 Benefits of Gratitude.


What I have learned when I keep a gratitude journal is that when I look back on the previous year(s), I don’t relive all the emotional pain, the struggles, the negative in my life. Instead, I recall all that was good for the year. When I relive my written record of my successes, my joys, and the positive connections I had with others, it’s like I’ve given myself a hug. There’s a warmth that radiates deep within my soul as I have this internal smile that brings me so much happiness.


My wish is my fledglings will join me writing their gratitude for the week in the comments. We can create a community of looking back at the good that life brings all of us and embracing the gifts the universe gives.


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