Chronological List of Blog Entries



My journey of writing has taken me on a healing path I never imagined I would end up. I’m at a different place in my recovery from divorce and I want to give hope to those who are struggling. We can become reborn.


After six months since I’ve started blogging, I have more content than I can keep up with. It’s important for me to focus my energy on getting my messages out. Much of my current stories come from a different emotional place than where I had been.


I would like to start posting my blog entries more consistently. Unfortunately, some of these are four months old. Not wanting to hold my current content for many months, my posting will be a mix of old blogs and newer blogs.


I have created this page for those who are curious to follow my journey of healing chronologically. This is for people, like myself, who like to read a book straight through from page one till the end.



January 9, 2017        Rafiki Didn’t Hit Me Over The Head

January 10, 2017      Dance With The Tiger

January 11, 2017      The Purpose is to Give Meaning to Others

January 12, 2017      My Head Hurts

January 13, 2017      Hamster Sprinting On That Wheel

January 13, 2017      Hi, I’m Phoenix, Grateful Recovering Sex Addict

January 14, 2007     The Universe Is Talking

January 15, 2007      Stop Fighting the Current

January 18, 2017      Healing Takes Time

January 19, 2017      Man in the Mirror

January 22, 2017      Emotions Are Like Clouds

January 24, 2017      Be Careful What You Wish For

January 25, 2017      Kill the Spider, Save the Web

January 29, 2017      What Is Can Become

January 30, 2017       Nurture Your Inner Child

January 31, 2017       The Gifts of Anger

February 2, 2017       The Greatest Adventure is My Wish

February 3, 2017       The Beast is Human

February 5, 2017       Be a Turtle, Take Baby Steps

February 6, 2017       What To Do When I Struggle With Being Reactive

February 10, 2017     To Find Connection, I Must Remove the Poison – Part 1

February 12, 2017      To Find Connection, I Must Remove the Poison – Part 2

February 14, 2017      To Find Connection, I Must Remove the Poison – Part 3

February 18, 2017      You Can’t Have Hope and Grieve at the Same Time

February 20, 2017      Don’t Do It Charlie Brown

February 21, 2017      Stamp of Approval

February 25, 2017      The Beast Has Metamorphosed Into The Prince

March 7, 2017             I’m Going to Be a Dad

March 8, 2017             Lessons From a Love Warrior

March 9, 2017             Addiction Messes Up Our Partners

March 10, 2017           I Double Dog Dare You: Make Vows to Yourself

March 18, 2017           Joy, Enlightenment, and a Spiritual Awakening

April 4, 2017               Your Destiny

April 20, 2017             I Love Me

June 19, 2017              Father’s Day 2017

June 24, 2017              Take The Beef Off The Grill

June 30, 2017              Do I Really Need to Pray to Forgive?

July 3, 2017                 Compassion Helps You Forgive

July 20, 2017               Another Phoenix Reborn

July 24, 2017               Secrets vs. Boundaries

July 26, 2017               A Gift Resides in Every Moment

July 29, 2017               Surrender to Help

August 2, 2017            Sucked into the Undertow

August 2, 2017            Heal the Loneliness

August 7, 2017            On The Brighter Side

August 8, 2017            How Far Will You Go

August 14, 2017          Understanding PTSD

August 19, 2017          Sex Addiction Induced Trauma: How Sex Addiction Impacts The Partners

August 20, 2017          More about Trauma in Partners of Sex Addicts

August 28, 2017          Treatment for Partners of Sex Addicts

October 12, 2017         Relational Triage for Sex Addicts and Their Partners

October 21, 2017         Managing Trauma Triggers

October 27, 2017        Resistance

November 6, 2017      Pumpkin Entertainment

November 19, 2017     Stamp of Approval

December 15, 2017      Just Say No to the Dark Side

January 1, 2018           It’s not the End of a Year, but the Birth of of a New Day

January 17, 2018         Resistance is Futile

April 14, 2018             The Lies We Tell Ourselves

May 1, 2018                It’s Time

July 24, 2018               Bids For Connection

September 25, 2018     Perspective: The Key to Healing

October 12, 2018         The Myth of the Phoenix

January 2, 2019          Why Do I Still Continue to Struggle Part 1

January 3, 2019          Why Do I Still Continue to Struggle Part 2

March 2, 2019             Breaking Free From Judgment

March 16, 2019           We Can Rise

November 28, 2019   The Great Purge of 2019

January 30, 2020        Listen to the Universe

February 1, 2020        Love Your Inner Child

February 4, 2020        Showing Up For Your Inner Child

February 6, 2020        Awaken Today to Become the Person You Want to Be Tomorrow

February  11, 2020     80 Year Old Letter to My Younger Self

February 18, 2020     Going Deeper: Understanding How the Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addiction (a book review)

April 4, 2020              6 Feet Apart