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About Together We Can Heal



Take a couple of minutes and write down every positive and negative thought that you have about yourself.


What did you find?


Are you confident, positive and supportive? Do you encourage yourself to do better, to succeed? Do you cherish yourself and have high self-esteem?


Or are you critical and judgmental? Do you condemn yourself? Do you talk down to yourself? Do you lay a lot of guilt and shame upon yourself because of your actions?


To truly learn how to love ourselves, we need to learn how to nurture our inner child.


We need to connect our adult self, our parent, with the needs and wants of the child that’s in all of us.


We still need to be nurtured and taken care of. It’s a basic human need. But when we grow up, we take front stage to giving ourselves that nurturing.


Only when we learn how to completely love ourselves will we be able to love others and open ourselves to the love we deserve to receive. This is when we will flourish.


Society has us believe that we need someone to “complete” us. What’s implied, is that we’re wounded and we’re broken. Through movies, music, stories, news, and the way the media bombards us with messages, we are told that only way to heal our brokenness is for someone else to give us what we’re lacking.


This misbelief permeates our culture and sets our relationships up for failure.


We need to complete ourselves first. We need to mend the hole that’s within us.


And only when we have become complete can we connect with someone who can celebrate our completeness.


If you have struggled with self-esteem issues, addiction, loss, divorce, sickness, parenting, or other challenging life experiences, then you have come to the right place.


It is here that we will learn how to integrate our inner child with our adult self so that Together We Can Heal.


It is here that we will become vulnerable with others so that collectively Together We Can Heal.


Through the magic of blogging and vulnerability, it is my wish that we all find healing, beauty, and serenity in life.


Together We Can Heal and TOGETHER we can rise out of the ashes and become reborn.

February 26, 2017

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