I’m grateful my youngest daughter has agreed to watch all the Marvel movies with me starting from the beginning. We finished Captain America and watched Ironman this week. I wanted to hold off watching Captain Marvel until right before Avengers: End Game, however my roommate ended up binge watching WandaVision and wasn’t aware that one of the characters was from Captain Marvel (a Marvel movie she did not watch because, as she said, “it’s not part of the storyline” – What?!?). She planned to watch it with my daughter and I, however ended up spending time with her boyfriend instead. I was fine with that. It allowed dad and daughter to connect on a deeper level.

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This week’s share is something that came up for me this week watching the Netflix Series, Virgin River. Virgin River is about a big city nurse, Mel, recently widowed, who leaves her home town of Los Angelas to become a mid wife for a small town in the redwoods of northern California. She’s escaping the pain from her past where she meets Jack, another person who’s also plagued with past demons, along with some other great characters.


Similar to This Is Us, Virgin River always has a way of tugging at my emotional heart strings. Today’s share is a conversation between Mel and Jack that really affected me.


If you’re interested in watching this scene it’s Season 2: Episode 6 38:00 minutes in.


Let’s set the background.

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