I have no idea where to start. So much to be grateful for this week. Not only is the sun shining, I’ve enjoyed multiple breathtaking sunrises and sunsets (thank you Mom). There’s peace in my heart and soul.


I’m thankful a close friend mentioned Andy Frisella’s #75Hard Challenge. Knowing that both of us are huge competitors, not in the way that’s unhealthy and demeaning, but in a way that’s supportive and encouraging, and without really knowing what I was agreeing to, I told him I’d join him. The best way to stay accountable is to have others to be accountable with and I also know agreeing to it would help him. I’m grateful I’ve been able to talk one friend into joining us and hopeful a couple of others I’ve thrown the challenge out will jump at the opportunity. I’m grateful this also gives me a way to stay connected with all of them.


I’m grateful I said “I’m in” before I knew all the intricate details of the challenge (I might not have agreed to it otherwise). When I first heard about the challenge, what I pulled from it was two 45 minute work out’s each day, a gallon of water, and healthy eating. I worried I wouldn’t be able to follow the whole gallon of water, however, I believed that the two 45 minute work out’s each day would give me a needed kick in the rump to get back in shape (I haven’t worked out since the gyms closed six weeks ago). I sent an email to my friend explaining ways to “manipulate” the challenge to “make it work” for us.


Then I went on an hour and a half bike ride while listening to Andy Frisella’s podcast.



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First off, today I’d like to wish a Happy 50th Anniversary for Earth Day! Really I need to say Happy 4.543 billion years Birthday!!


I had an interesting image. So many people have mentioned on social media how hard it’s been to have a birthday while being isolated with shelter in place. Especially for little ones. How do you have  a birthday party when you can’t invite friends and family?


A couple of days ago I saw a parade of cars pass by house. Honking horns all decorated with streamers, balloons, and signs that said Happy Birthday. I instantly thought, “now why didn’t I think of adding the decorations to my car when I dropped off gifts and cake for a friend’s daughter’s 12th birthday?” Driving a black tinted car and honking horns in a quiet neighborhood (yes, I did that) made me look like some kind of stalker rather than someone celebrating a birthday. Although, I did get the planned result, an embarrassed pre-teen!


Back to my image.


What a birthday party we are giving the Earth this year! We aren’t polluting the skies with airplanes and jet fuel. We have less cars on the road. Less businesses are producing pollutants. We have all slowed down in life and learned to stop and smell the roses. I would say, more people wave to me if I’m on a walk than I’ve seen in years. We’re all connected in a way we’ve never been before because we all have similar challenges in life.


Earth is getting a reset. There has been an energy shift that is resonating with every living creature on this planet. While we may find this time hard, Earth is celebrating. We’ve given her a gift she’s needed for a very long time.


So what to share today?

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