Hello my Fledglings. I’d like to apologize about being so silent with the Coronavirus and everything that’s been going on. I’ve been caught up in my own “craziness” trying to ride out the storm, just like I’m sure all of you have been doing.


In the back of my mind I keep saying, I need to blog.  I need to write. I need to process what’s going on. And then I get caught up working on other things, keeping myself distracted, and feeling as if I’m spinning my wheels more than getting things accomplished.


So, if you’ve come checking out my site for something inspirational, to see how I’ve been processing the fear and uncertainty that’s happened the last couple of weeks, or just to have a sense of community, I’m sorry I’ve been absent. I promise I will get something out this weekend.


Until then, I’m going to use today to share some of the things I’ve found to help all of us get through these hard times. Read more