I’m grateful for the opportunity to talk with a fifth grade’s class about my career. Not only did I get to show them my love of flying, I have the good fortune to inspire their minds on thinking about what they would like to do for their future. We discussed such topics as what you need for a career of your own, as well as having them contemplate about what skills, subjects, and values they would need for career choices that interest them. It was so much fun to see how engaged these young men and women were with my presentation and to watch how bright their minds are. Over the next couple of months I’ll get to discuss more about what I do by talking about geography, math, and the science of what makes an airplane fly. I’ve missed instructing and had an enjoyable experience spending an hour with this future generation.

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(a book review)


“You play the victim so well; I’m surprised you don’t carry around your own body chalk.”

~  Author Unknown


I had the great privilege and honor to have Eddie Capparucci, a certified sex addiction therapist from Abundant Life Counseling in Marietta, GA and blogger for Sexually Pure Men, ask me to read his new book, Going Deeper: Understanding How the Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addiction. This book was released last week, February 13, 2020.



Eddie has created a treatment program for sex and porn addiction that he named the Inner Child Recovery Process which focuses on helping individuals empower themselves by recognizing it’s their inner child that’s “running the show” when it comes to the addiction. His process has been outlined in his new book.

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