I’m grateful that my quality of life has improved dramatically with my new job. Instead of being gone for a week at a time, getting limited sleep to only spend 24 to 48 hours with my family and many times having my days off be stuck at a crash pad, I’m having more consistent time at home with my girls. This is what I’ve been praying for. Thank you Father.


I’m grateful that I was able to be home for my older daughter when she got her wisdom teeth pulled. I’m glad Mom was also available in the morning so she could hold our daughter’s hand before oral surgery. I know my daughter was comforted knowing Mom was there and I’m grateful our schedules worked out so we both could support her. I’m also grateful that my daughter allowed me to take videos of her recovering from the anesthesia and that we had a good laugh later on.  And a special shout out to her younger sister that was supportive and helped her out when Mom and Dad had to return to work.

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It’s time for another random text conversation of meaningful quotes between myself and Rafiki. If you’re new to my blog and have no clue as to why I would post random texts, or, you would like to check out other random stuff that Rafiki and I have chatted about, check out Chronological List of Texts with Rafiki.




“If resentment is high, self-care is low.” I can’t remember where I heard this one.

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One of my passions, that grounds me and brings me joy, is music. And not just music, but watching people connect with music. It’s one of the reasons why I love to DJ.


I find people interesting. In elementary school, kids are more spontaneous. They don’t worry about how they look, they don’t worry about how well they can dance (in fact they all think they are amazing dancers), and they are more into hearing their voice, than worrying if they are singing in tune. Throw music on and the energy and innocence of youth kicks in. They are the first out on the dance floor and they will be the last off when the music quits.


As kids enter their pre-teen years, starting Middle School and then into High School, they become more self-conscious. They become more concerned about how they look and sound. Unless they have a close group of friends, they’ll tend to be more inhibited when it comes to singing and dancing to a DJ or band. And they definitely don’t want to be around their parents when they are “cutting the rug”.

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