I’m grateful this week for my sim partner and our sim instructor. I had a block when it came to learning certain things in the sim. I believe this struggle was due to learning a new airplane (it’s been fifteen years) and also getting older. After further reflection, I think it has more to do with trying to get through training while also putting a lot of energy maintaining boundaries with my wife. I know this is important for my well-being and contact with her would most likely get me out of my studying mode. I have only studied harder to distract.


I’m so grateful that my sim partner has been supportive of me and helped me through the tough points. I’m also grateful that our sim instructor has taken a lot of his extra time to ensure we are understanding the material and will complete the training within the timeline given to us. The extra assistance these two have given me means more than words can say.

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I’m grateful my first simulator session will start today. It’s been a long haul of ground training and I’m ready to start flying again. I’ve heard that it will get quite busy the next couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to the change of pace, the challenge, and to start seeing everything come together.


I’m grateful for the one instructor who, on our second to last day as a large class before we split up into our smaller sim groups, gave us the most unusual homework assignment ever.

“Your homework tonight is to not do any homework. You are to put your books down for the night and keep them closed. This is the last night all of you will be on the same schedule. The homework tonight is to all get together, as a class, have a drink and hang out. Celebrate how far you have come, enjoy one another, and if you show up tomorrow with one eye open and one eye closed, then you did your homework correctly. Have fun!”

And…we followed his advice. This was a wonderful time celebrating the completion of the first six weeks of training with a great group of guys; my new Family.

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I’m grateful that not only was I was able to survive automation, but that these PowerPoint Lessons are now behind me. I’m grateful that the company requires us to sit in the jump seat for a few flights to get familiar with how things operate on the line. The People I work with are so very sweet and accommodating. Everyone is excited for the new hires and share their wealth of information about the company culture and procedures. I can’t wait for the opportunity to fly with each and every one of them!


I’m grateful my youngest daughter and I watched Riverdale together via Skype. It was cool to hook up the computer facing the TV in my hotel room, sit on my bed while I cross-stitched and enjoyed conversations and comments about the show with her. I don’t think I would have ever watched Riverdale had it not been for my daughter. My willingness to be involved with what she’s interested in allows us to have a much closer connection.


Childhood Grateful

I’m grateful my step-father spent over a year and a half of his life driving to and from work an hour and half or more every day so I could finish High School with the friends I had gone to school with since kindergarten. The three of us lived in a two-bedroom condo for 14 years. My parents had wanted to purchase a house earlier, but decided it was better not to have me switch high schools. My step-father got a job in the town they wanted to move to and made the sacrifice to drive a minimum of fifteen hours a week during my junior and senior year. We moved two weeks after I graduated.


As a parent, I now truly understand the sacrifice and commitment my step father endured for 18 months. I know personally how much family time commuting steals from the commuter, in addition to how emotionally and physically draining it can be. I have a lot of gratitude for the sacrifice he gave to me and our family.