I’m grateful to have been asked to DJ another wedding next year. It’s wonderful to have co-workers become such good friends that they also want you to be a part of their special day. Through the lessons I’ve learned over the years, I’m glad I’ve been able to pass my wisdom to both of them, not only to help strengthen their relationship, but to give them tools they can use in their marriage.


I’m grateful that next year my schedule will open up to allow me the opportunity to schedule more DJ gigs. These events not only brings me lots of joy, they give me the good fortune to bond with my oldest daughter. Having her assist me gives me the opportunity to teaches her work ethic, skills, and lessons that will stay with her throughout her life.


I’m grateful to have stepped outside my comfort zone to attend a conference by myself. Tonight I braved the meet and greet before the event, introducing myself to many of my future peers at my upcoming job change. It was nice to have been accepted so quickly as part of the team.