I’m grateful for a kick ass 4th of July. The girls and I watched fireworks not only on the 4th, but on the 3rd as well. I enjoyed one on one time with my former spouse on the 3rd while the girls hung out with their friends. On the 4th, I had the pleasure of dancing to a local cover band followed by an amazing show of sparkling colors that matched an incredible musical soundtrack of patriotic and upbeat songs.


I’m also grateful for program and my tools of recovery. Once I left home and headed back to my crash pad, I had internal issues I needed to work on. I’m aware that I need to blog my thoughts, but I’m grateful that the physical pain that used to accompany these stories has diminished. I’m not sure if insecurities and the emotions that come with those will ever be completely dispelled (it would be so nice if they did), however, it’s a beautiful thing not to have those feelings become so overwhelming.


I’m grateful for my Higher Power who has given me the strength, perseverance, and the ability to manage my emotions. Little Phoenix was struggling and I was able to parent him while also knowing that He was supporting me in my time of internal conflict.

I am so grateful for only two days of work before I was able to return home for a week off. After having an absolute blast last weekend with family and friends, I didn’t want it to end. I love my career, but the time I’m away from the sky does not match the struggles I have when I am gone for long periods.


This past weekend started with a Broadway musical under the stars with my family, a meeting and walk with my recovery brothers, and finishing off the week while relaxing on an inner tube down the river.


I’m grateful for a well rounded week that started off and ended on a positive note.