Today is a day for a bit of fun. I highly recommend the movie/musical the The Greatest Showman. Here’s the cast from that movie performing with James Corden. Enjoy!


Crosswalk the Musical on Broadway

– James Corden and cast members from The Greatest Showman



Ok…I just had to add this incredible song from the movie!


This Is Me

– The Greatest Showman


I’m grateful that even though I was only home for 24 hours this past week, I had an incredible afternoon and evening with my two daughters. Years ago, I would spend all my time focusing on what I lacked and what I missed with my family, that I became blind to the moments of connection I did have with them.


Instead of dwelling on a week of being away, I choose to remember this week as my two girls sat snuggled together on a hillside overlooking a lake, our wonderful chat on the bench with them in my arms, and the three of us goofing around and singing together.


I am truly blessed!