Seven and a half years ago I checked myself into treatment. I struggled with my addiction and knew the only way I could help myself and my family was to become fully immersed in a recovery program. I thought I was going to be there for five weeks. It turned into thirteen.


The post I’m sharing today, titled Why Scientists Agree That Dancing is the Best Way to Get Fit and Live Longer, reminded me of my eighth week there.

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I’m grateful for good friends who care for us when we’re feeling under the weather. I’ve come leaps and bounds with self care, however, I still struggle when I’m sick. It’s incredibly hard for me to slow down and allow my body to heal. It’s comforting to have friends who are concerned and help me watch out for my well being.


As tough as it is just to sit and heal, I’m also grateful for Red Box and Movie Pass that allowed me a couple of days to veg in front of the screen. Soup, medicine, rest, and connection with people who care definitely aids in the healing process.