Time. We always say we need more of it. I wish I could stop time. You know, today I’d like to stop time for 24 hours to catch up on all the books I want to read. Then there’s the next 24 hours I need time stopped so I can watch all those movies and series on TV that I’m missing. And of course I need like a week to stop time to catch up on all the household errands that I just can’t seem to get a hold of.


My life has been one To Do List after another. And it only continues to grow. How do I find balance in life when there is so little time?


The Simplest Way to Make More Time for What Matters is a great blog reminding us what is important and how to redefine our relationship with time.


There used to be times when I believed that life had to be sunshine and roses all the time. Instead of my energy centering on the good, I’d ruminate about the bad. I’d make things all about me and then, only bring to myself what I believed. When I take the time to allow space, accept all emotions from others, and focus on the good, I find I am more grounded and content.


I’m grateful for a wonderful weekend with my older daughter. Even though the holiday weekend was quite busy, with some ups and downs, I’m thankful for the brief moments of connection with my teen; when she sang me to sleep one night, followed by me singing her to sleep the next, watching her perform on stage in her play, both of us singing at the top of our lungs while driving with the windows rolled down, and racing against her on an indoor electric G0-Kart course. Those little reflections warms the soul and reminds me how beautiful life can be.