The idea to share a blog, video, or anything I find online, came to me the other day when I read an article posted by Angelia Griffen, better known to the world as The Pilot Life Wife. I really enjoy, not only her blogs, but the Facebook community she’s created. Two days ago she posted a blog on her Facebook page from another site she writes on. The Good Thing Harvey Washed Away is an amazing piece about strength, resilience, courage, and love.


“Do it now–in honor of Texans, love your neighbor fiercely today, tomorrow, and every day thereafter.”


“And Texans, I beg you to remember this day every time you gaze upon your neighbor. If you would go to any lengths to save them today, then let’s go to every length to love them for endless tomorrows.”


Life is all about loving yourself and loving others. My heart and prayers goes out to all Texans. May you rise from the ashes of destruction and become reborn.

In the last few blogs I’ve hopefully enlightened my Fledglings how partners of sex addicts have symptoms similar to people with PTSD.


We started our journey first in Understanding PTSD where I defined PTSD, listed symptoms of PTSD, educated how PTSD relates to ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) and presented different kinds of treatment for PTSD.


In Sex Addiction Induced Trauma, I explained the thirteen different dimensions that were developed by Dr. Omar Minwalla specifically to understand the different types of trauma that partners of sex addicts suffer from. And in More Trauma in Partners of Sex Addicts, I talked about the key points that Barbara Steffens co-wrote in her book The Sexually Addicted Spouse.


It’s important to remember, that treatment for the partner is just as important as treatment for the addict. The following blog will focus on that treatment.

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