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Lessons From A Love Warrior

I have just finished Glennon Doyle Melton’s book Love Warrior: A Memoir. This story has been a blessing to help me stop focusing on my own pain, my own issues.


Throughout my recovery, I have found it extremely difficult to truly hear my ex and understand the pain that my actions caused her. Even though she has expressed similar feelings, I have still been deaf to her.


Was it guilt and shame? Was I trying to protect my precious ego? Was I trying to avoid the thought that I had deeply hurt and scared my wife?


To acknowledge what I had done only fuels the negative self-worth I am trying so hard to let go of and change.


Reading Glennon’s book has helped me open my eyes to the pain I caused. It has helped me accept my ex’s decision to divorce.


It has allowed me to really see my ex.


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