I’m grateful for processing my emotions through blogging this past month. I can really see that a shift is occurring and a lot of that is due to my intention of looking from the outside in. So many things have come up, especially with the new movie Beauty and the Beast.  I can feel myself releasing energy that I’ve been holding onto for years.


I’m grateful for my family and I having the opportunity to see Beauty and the Beast on opening day, an incredible retreat filled with lessons, connection, and love, and being invited to my ex’s parent’s house for a couple of days with her family. So much peace and love this weekend!


I’m grateful to have been a speaker at one of my SAA meetings. Not only did it allow me to take a look back on my past actions and remember how unmanageable my life had been, it opened my eyes to how deep my wounds were, my negative self talk, and how far I’ve come in recovery after all these years. I’m grateful to have never given up on healing and learning how to parent my inner child.